Adventure Wine Trading
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Importeur: Ingrid Verheeke
Platteweg 1,
4341 PJ Arnemuiden

Route vanaf A58

  1. vanuit Goes:
    Afslag 37 Arnemuiden rechts, rotonde rechtdoor, u rijd Arnemuiden in.
    Vanuit Middelburg:
    Afslag 37 Arnemuiden rechts, rotonde links, over het viaduct, rotonde rechts, u rijd Arnemuiden in.
  2. U zit op Nieuwlandseweg en gaat rechtdoor, spoorweg overgang over, nog 3 km rechtdoor (Cittersweg) tot kruispunt rechts (Verlengde weg naar Veere) 1e rechts (Platteweg) tot eind nr.1

From up north go to Roosendaal by A17 or A58, depending on where you come from.
At Roosendaal follow direction Bergen Op Zoom via A58.
At Bergen op Zoom follow direction Goes-Middelburg-Vlissingen via A58.
Around 25 km after Goes take direction Arnemuiden on you right. Straight on at the roundabout into the village. Follow the same road, pass the railway station and pass the sport fields on your right.
Still following the same road, drive out of the village into the country for about 10 km. Go to the right at the first crossroad (there is only 1 crossroad, other roads are solitude to the right or left) this is called ‘de verlengde weg naar Veere’. Than first road to the right again (Platteweg) and at the end you will drive into our little spot in the middle of nowhere.
The last two roads have a deadend sign, just ignore them. Hope to see you soon here in Old Zeeland.

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