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Adventure Wine Trading started to import New Zealand wines in 1998. Why especially import New Zealand wines? Because:

- As a restaurateur and chef I have developed my interest in quality wines for which there is a continuous demand

- there are 27 members of my family living in New Zealand and they kept on claiming that their wine is so good

- having followed the development of New Zealand wines since the 90’s it well may be said that in the meantime they do belong to the world’s best

- I am blessed with the gift of a good nose and taste, together with an adventurous spirit

After several extensive wine journeys, during which I visited the most important wine areas, I became convinced of the exceptional quality of New Zealand wines. And that does not only apply to the most well known made of the Sauvignon Blanc grapes. The wines made on the basis of the Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon, Gewúrztraminer as well as the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes are often good and are also slowly conquering the world.

Since approximately 1830 grape vines have been planted in New Zealand although only on a very small scale. The vines travelled with the settlers. Then French missionaries quickly spread them over the whole of New Zealand . The first commercial winery of the Englishman Charles Levet originated in 1863 near Auckland.

Mildew, an anti-alcohol view of the government at that time and an elite who preferred port and sherry rather than their own wine nearly finished the wine industry at the end of the 19th century. The fact that during the last decades New Zealand wines have become a player on the international wine front is also thanks to :

Changing legislation. There was a need of a new industry that would give the economy a strong impetus.

Import of wine was limited.

Higher taxes on beer and spirits.

Big investments by foreign firms in this upcoming wine industry.

Natural import of wine knowledge and interest due to:

returning soldiers of the second world war have come into contact with French wines.

The migration surge in the 60’s from Italy, Croatia and Greece brought knowledge and culture of the wine industry.

The young and travel happy generation who discover Europe return with impressions of wine culture and a new habit of drinking wine!!

Nearly all the wines distinguish themselves by their fruitiness and purity. The modern wine lover likes to drink a fresh, fruity and above all a healthy glass of wine.

All wines are made taut of style and , as no other, are intense of aroma without becoming heavy. To the experienced wine drinker this is a sensation.

The majority of the wines are dry and so intense of taste that they combine extremely well with a good meal .They then often come into there own right. There is a growing market for good food wines.

In short: New Zealand wines are fascinating, exceed in great intensity and aroma, are very pure and elegant with a surprising freshness and an excellent balance. They are distinguished by estate and are slowly conquering the whole world.

New Zealand wines may therefore not be missing from the wine cellar of the wine lover. Given the overall size of the vineyards and the large world demand, the availability of New Zealand estate wines in Holland will always remain limited.

However, Adventure Wine Trading offers a wide range of nearly eighty exclusive wine gems of this beautiful wine country.

In addition to organising workshops and courses of different levels, we also provide for specific theme tastings in our tasting room in Arnemuiden for small party’s, also from the trade and industry. With sound professional knowledge we organise wine and food tastings for renowned restaurants. A pampered evening which your guests will not forget in a hurry. Furthermore we participate in different wine markets and organise our survey tasting once a year.

Within Holland and Belgium our assortment contains the largest selection of New Zealand wines, made of various grape species. These have been selected for their continuity, stability and proven quality. They emerge as the best out of more than a thousand technically tasted and judged New Zealand wines.

Nearly all included wines are estate wines, for which only grapes of their own vineyards are used. The smallest estate only 4,5 hectare . Alan Mc Corkindale in Waipara and the largest Sacred Hill winery in Hawkes Bay and Marlborough with more than 70 hectare.

The current range comprises nearly eighty wines, with the emphasis on white. They distinguish themselves from one another by the hand of the wine maker, micro-climate circumstances, specific soil of each vineyard and the optimal combination of all of this. All this together determines the individual and unique character of each wine.

With much pleasure we regularly travel to New Zealand in search of unique wines, which stand out above the average.. We hope that you will enjoy them as well as we who wish to share them with you.

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